Author: Mike John

  • Skills of MERN Full Stack Developer

    A Full Stack Developer is the most appropriate person in the modern world to represent the phrase “versatile” in terms of professional versatility. Full Stack Developers, skilled in front-end and back-end web design, are the multi-skilled experts every business lusts after. Since the beginning of the digital era, many businesses and organizations have been using […]

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  • Toptal Alternative for Hiring Developers

    Toptal Alternative for Hiring Developers

    TOPTAL COMPATITORS: Upwork BCcoders Gigster Flexiple Dribbble FREELANCE MARKETPLACE TO HIRE DEVELOPERS 2022 Organizations in every sphere of life are using networks to connect with brilliant freelancers from around the world in their online talent search. The number of networks and websites that act as a middleman between a business and freelancers has grown significantly due to the strong […]

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  • How Much Does App Development Cost in Canada?

    Every sort of company wants to invest in mobile apps since almost everyone now owns a smartphone. A mobile application may provide your business with countless chances, whether it’s to improve accessibility, brand visibility, or client loyalty. You’ve definitely heard of web development before and are presumably curious about how it compares to developing mobile […]

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  • Top 5 Web 3.0 Programming Languages

    What is 3.0? Web 3.0 is the evolution of the internet, rolling out in a big way. The driving force behind this web technology is blockchain (decentralized ledger system) that powers bitcoin. Web 3.0 allows data accessibility through multiple non-browser applications making ‘world information’ pithier than the current design of Google. Progression of web3 (1.0 […]

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