How Much Does App Development Cost in Canada?

Every sort of company wants to invest in mobile apps since almost everyone now owns a smartphone. A mobile application may provide your business with countless chances, whether it’s to improve accessibility, brand visibility, or client loyalty.

You’ve definitely heard of web development before and are presumably curious about how it compares to developing mobile applications. The main distinction is that a mobile software developer makes more complicated programs for usage on computers and mobile devices, as opposed to a web developer who develops websites or applications for the internet.

You’re curious about the price of developing an app, as well as the elements that influence the cost. It is apparent that mobile applications provide consumers with convenience. As a result, businesses aim to harness technology to boost their profitability. In fact, you might be shocked to learn that the market for mobile applications is fast expanding. According to BusinessInsider, the mobile application industry will be worth $366.34 billion by 2027. So, at the conclusion of this article, you will understand the elements influencing app development costs.

Factors determining cost

The amount of features increase the cost of designing an app, but the intricacy of the features is even more essential. Basic functions like login and subscription take 20 to 25 hours to design, however more complicated functionality like payment system integration and visual analytics take 150 to 250 hours and cost more.

API integrations raise the cost of mobile app development, while new technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence add to the budgetary strain. Even services that customers have become accustomed to, like geolocation, are now more expensive. Overall, before investing important resources on a feature, you should evaluate its necessity and feasibility. The approximate cost for app development in Canada is $40-$80 per hour with a timeline stretching from 2-4 weeks.

Where you reside will affect the cost. The bad news is that because of the higher cost of living in major cities, you can expect your mobile app developer to charge more. What’s good news then? You can search for additional specialists even if they are not local because mobile app development is an online industry! But bear in mind that if you want to meet in person to discuss ideas, employing someone local is unquestionably the best option.

When it comes to the cost of developing mobile software, project complexity is by far the most determining factor. A challenging job will cost more, as you might anticipate. Purchases made within an app are known as in-app purchases. Because it takes longer to interface with a third party, this feature raises the price. Installing location-based marketing solutions like Geofencing is difficult and time-consuming, which raises the cost overall. User interaction features, such as clicks, likes, comments, and shares, can range from being quite basic to being quite sophisticated, which affects the total cost.

Whether you’re creating a software for an iOS or Android platform is another crucial consideration. Remember that the cost would be greater if you choose to distribute your software on both platforms because the programming languages utilised for each are different. Since both have benefits and drawbacks, it will be in your favour to opt to conduct study before making your ultimate choice.

When creating iOS applications, you will need to hire one or more iOS developers, and when creating Android apps, you will need to hire a few Android developers. Depending on the platform you choose to distribute the application on, you may need to hire app developers for both or just one.

After confirming that the app complies with the app publishing rules and is built in accordance with the normal procedure, it is the developer’s responsibility to build and release the app on app stores. The approximate cost on the front-end is $80-100 an hour and it could take almost 160-170 hours. At the back-end, the approximate hours are 200-220 with an approximate cost of $60-90 an hour.

Once mobile app developers have finished developing it, the QA engineer and QA team begin testing it. By executing regression, load, smoke, and other test forms, they confirm the system’s dependability. Testing is carried out concurrently with production and cannot be avoided. During the development stage, QA checks each product feature. In actuality, an app is not made available on the market without the quality assurance team’s final clearance. It takes approximately 28-40 hours in Canada with the cost of $60-90 per hour for an app.

The project management team will pay a premium for overseeing the whole mobile app development process. Some duties of the managers include working together with programmers or service providers, delegating tasks, taking charge of the production, fixing problems, and reporting to the owners in case of any changes. The process of project management takes a lot of time. While some companies set preset fees to be paid and have different business models for this service, others charge on an hourly basis. It takes about 200-440 hours with an approximate cost of $60-100 an hour.


Businesses should first consider the complexity of the app and the location of the development team when estimating the cost of developing a future app. These two elements have a significant influence on the entire development cost. Given the strong adoption rates of the iOS and Android platforms, it is a wise move for companies going mobile to create an app for each platform at the same time. Given that infrastructure costs the majority of an app’s development budget, it makes sense for businesses to try to cut costs wherever possible when it comes to third-party API integration, data storage, and scalability.

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