Travel Planning App Development Cost

Do you happen to be in the travel industry and are looking for ways to make your business thrive? Seeing how the intensity of the pandemic wave has lessened, the traveling restrictions have eased and people are allowed to travel with safety measures in place. Developing your very own at this time would be a perfect decision and give a boost to your business. Living in the peak era of digitalization, people prefer to do everything on their smartphones.

People do not prefer to go to travel agencies for the mere task of booking flights, planning travel, or getting tour maps. Not only would you be making people’s lives easier by developing this app, but you will also be helping your business. If you need further convincing, a survey carried out by Statista Research Department showed that global online travel apps are contributing to the $517.8 billion market size and have produced 65% of revenue share from the online travel and tourism industry.

Revenue Generated by Travel Apps From 2017 to 2025 (billion U.S. dollars)

YearRevenue in Billion U.S. dollars

Different Types of Travel/Tour Apps

1. Planning Travel

This app helps in finding reasonable packages, customizing travel plans, finding popular destinations, discovering peak times for traveling to specific destinations, and giving access to safety reviews.

2. Traveling Guide

The aforementioned app helps in providing access to local events, inside tips, entertainment, restaurants, and sights.

3.Booking Flights

You can customize the booking according to your trip or choose a package and pay online. The app also provides price estimation of flights for the approaching months.

4.Finding Accommodation

With this app, the user can find the best accommodations according to their budget. The users can observe, reserve, and pay online for the accommodation.

5. Tracking Location

This app helps the user to find the best possible route to their destination, warns them of traffic, calculates the time, and informs them of any disturbances that may lie ahead.

Why Should You Develop a Travel App?

The idea behind building a travel app is to provide ease to the user. Travel agencies and consultants do not come clean at times which might have ruined traveling experiences for many people. Developing an app would help people find and plan everything about a trip, all under one roof.

Furthermore, one of the most pleasing aspects of life comes from traveling. There has also been a rise in traveling since the pandemic and seeing how everyone relies on smartphones these days, developing a travel app currently is the best way to revolutionize the travel industry and boost your business.

The users will also benefit by having access to safety information, booking tickets and accommodation, the ability to stay connected, travel without cash, and so much more.

How Much Does Developing a Travel App Cost?

Figuring out how much the development of a travel app costs depends on the features, type, the personnel involved, and other aspects. However, if we are looking at an average figure for developing an MVP app; then it will cost you around $25,000 to $65,000.

If you want to develop an app, make sure that you know all the essential features required, the monetary purpose the app might serve, the personnel required, and the cost that might be incurred. Always remember that working on app user interface/ user experience (UI/UX) features can help you understand the needs of the users and even leave your opponents behind with the help of incomparable design.


The travel industry tends to have many opportunities that are yet to be explored. If you do thorough research before developing your app, then you will be able to prevent failure and even generate more business. You will just have to make sure to keep a steady focus on consumer evolution, data management, technical landscape, and competition.

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