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As a VR app development company with experience of 8 years, Blockchain Coders maintaining it’s position as best VR app development agency. Virtual reality is influencing everything from social life hobbies to workplace and gaming. It will soon take over the world and that is sooner than you may think. The possibilities and applications of virtual reality are endless and you can use these apps in every field of life except for sleeping and eating…  for now.

Before we even know it, virtual reality apps will be everywhere, even influencing the way we sleep or eat. Nonetheless, the future of virtual reality technology looks bright. You’re going to see these gaming apps everywhere, including escape rooms, educational environments, and cinemas. Blockchain Coders team is ready to help you with VR app development.

Virtual reality became big in a short span of time. If you already know what virtual reality is, you have probably heard about its potential for making gaming and other technology pretty exciting!

The exciting part about virtual reality is that it is not just used for gaming but it has also been playing an instrumental role in shaping the future of humankind in so many more ways. From education, recruitment, and real estate to healthcare, virtual reality apps are taking the world by storm.

What Are Virtual Reality And Virtual Reality Apps?

For anyone who isn’t quite up to speed with virtual reality, let’s just say that it is a term that is used to talk about computer-generated environments that people can explore and interact with.

Virtual reality apps allow people to immerse themselves in an environment and interact with it by tricking their brains into thinking that what they are seeing in the virtual world is actually real and is happening in real time.

How Do Virtual Apps Work?

Virtual reality apps work in three different ways:

1. Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are played over the Internet from a PC or a Mac. They allow the user to open up a sandbox and manipulate the world around them. Plus, they can also feature their own currencies with exchange rates to boot.

2. Augmented Reality

As the name clearly suggests, augmented reality means literally augmenting the reality with virtual information. It normally annotates live videos with different forms of information in various formats. One of the most commonly available examples of augmented reality is a tabletop racing game in which you actually race on your table.

3. Kinect

Kinect was recently released by Microsoft. It is probably one of the most in-depth virtual reality experiences available in the world right now. In short, Kinect is a motion sensor for the Xbox 360 and it combines the eccentricity of the Xbox 360 with an expansive virtual world and goggles. It makes virtual reality as immersive as it could possibly get.

Types Of Virtual Reality Apps

1. Mirror World Apps

Mirror world apps provide a second-person user experience that is located outside of the virtual world. Through his representation, the user can still interact with the characters inside the main virtual world by using a video camera as the input device.

One of the most common examples of mirror world virtual reality apps is using table tops as touch screens and pencils as magic wands inside a room

2. Through-The-Window Apps

Through-the-window virtual reality apps bring the next level of experience to the table. You normally install these kinds of apps on your desktop PC and see the virtual world through your desktop computer’s monitor. It is controlled using a mouse or any other sort of device similar to it.

However, don’t worry you’re still going to get the first-person experience with these apps.

3. Immersive first-person Apps

Immersive first-person virtual reality apps involve placing the user inside 3D images or a 3D environment as himself. They usually involve an avatar or any other kind of 3D representation made by the user of himself.

The most surprising part about immersive first-person apps is that they assign some human properties to the avatar as well such as the ability to walk and performed tasks. This makes the users feel like they are doing things inside the virtual environment in reality.

Some Famous Virtual Reality Apps

Here is a list of some of the top-performing virtual reality apps to help you get started and get an experience of a lifetime

  • Jaunt VR
  • Second Life
  • Google Earth VR
  • YouTube VR
  • Full-dive VR
  • Littlstar
  • Cinematic VR
  • Sinespace
  • AltspaceVR
  • Titans of Space

Applications Of Virtual Reality Apps

  • Automotive industry
  • Retail industry
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism industry
  • Architecture
  • Real estate
  • Gambling
  • Learning and development
  • Interior design
  • Entertainment
  • Recruitment
  • Art and design
  • Conferences and meetings

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